The Advantages of Using 4WD Coupon Code

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The use of coupons is one of the most catchy marketing and promotional approach of any type of business.  It attracts both regular and new customers.  At this stage where recession and price increases of products are frequent, every consumer looks for ways on how to save.  Even those who have the means to buy anything are looking for discounts.  In the past, consumers can find coupons only in newspapers or magazines.  Modern technology has changed this approach.  With the popularity of online stores and the increasing number of consumers shopping online, online coupon codes also emerge.  4 Wheel Drive Hardware joins the band by creating their 4wd coupon code.

Using the 4wd coupon code gives you varied advantages, such as:

  • Obtain 5% discount on all your orders
  • Enjoy 5% savings site...
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Duck Weave Seat Covers

duck weave seat covers

We are going to do this backwards today.  We are going to start with the features of the duck weave Jeep seat covers and then I will give you a product description.


  • Duck weave seat covers by Carhartt work just as hard as you do
  • Legendary protection is combined with the durability that Carhartt is famous for
  • These are custom made Jeep seat covers for your make and model
  • Protect your seats from weekend abuse, workweek abuse, dirt, sun, pets and kids
  • Made from duck fabric that is both heavy duty and breathable
  • Main seams are robust, triple needle stitched and over-lapped
  • Repels all types of spills with the DWR (Durable Water Repellency) finish
  • These Jeep seat covers stay on place because of the elastic tension that is sewn in
  • The design is such that there is space for the seats fo...
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The Advantage of Buying Neoprene Jeep Seat Covers

Neoprene Jeep Seat Covers

A comfortable seat is a welcome treat to anyone.  This does not only apply to your living room sofa or dining room chair but it also applies on the seats of your Jeep.  Comfy seats are essential whether you are driving for short or long trips.  Soft comfortable seats add to the already well-kept interiors of your vehicle.

Jeep seats receive the most ill-treatment.  They have to take on the different weights and face a variety of human and environmental perils.  The common cause of seat damage is friction that results to extreme fading of color.  Friction also leads to messy cuts or scores that damage your seat upholstery.

When purchasing a seat cover, it is important to check on the fitting, water resistance, flexibility, strength, abrasion resistant, and breathability, etc...

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Waterproof Seat Covers

waterproof jeep seat covers

When you are a Jeeper you know that we put our Jeeps through things that other vehicles just do not get the opportunity to experience.  If this describes you then you will also be aware that because of this fact we need more protection for our Jeeps than most other vehicles do.  This does not just apply to the outside parts and accessories on the Jeep; it also applies to the inside of the Jeep.  See, Jeeps tend to go through mud, muck, over rocks and even through water.  That means that all of those things can get inside the Jeep and do damage to the interior and even to the seats.  This is on top of the normal things that happen to seats.

Seats are damaged every day from things like dirt, sweat, spills, tears, cigarette burns, UV rays and even more things...

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Jeep Fenders Buyers Guide

jeep wrangler fender flare

Whether you are looking for something sleek or more menacing, a Bushwacker or Bestop, there are so many options which you can choose from when looking for Jeep fenders. The fender flares are amongst the most important body gear for many four wheel vehicles due to their key role protecting the Jeep bodyline from flying mud, stones and pebbles. But many Jeep owners also love portraying a “macho image” with their highly personalized vehicles and the fenders offer a great and loud customization product to work with when personalizing your Jeep. There are several factors which you should give serious consideration when planning to purchase your fender flares. These include:-

  • Year, make and model of the four wheel vehicle
  • The purpose of the vehicle, whether for the highway or off-road trai...
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Necessary Information About Jeep Fenders

jeep fenders jk

When it comes to heavy-duty vehicle like a Jeep, it’s always best to accessorize it. When we say accessorize it, it’s installing the best accessorize to maximize its heavy-duty use. There are essential accessories that are vital to the use of the Jeep vehicle and there are accessories installed mainly for ornamentation purposes. For the Jeep, one essential accessory are Jeep fenders.

The Use of Jeep Fenders

Fenders are a very important part of every vehicle particularly for a heavy-duty vehicle like a Jeep.  A fenders primary role is to put frames to a vehicle’s wheels. It also shields the windshield area from road dirt like mud, sands, liquids, and other ground debris from being thrown at the windshield area...

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Grooving your Super Swamper Tires

super swamper on ford

Anytime you are four wheeling, it would be good for you to groove your Super Swamper Tires. In the event that you are familiar with off roading, then you certainly know exactly how the Super Swamper tire looks like and how effective they are trail blazing and street wear. There are a number of drivers who prefer to increase the number of grooves on their tires. This enhances the flexibility and traction of the tire. The following will be required in order to groove your Super Swamper tires:

  • Some tire-grooving tool
  • The tire itself

Step 1

The first thing to do is to choose a blueprint. The concept behind grooving the Super Swamper Tires is to fracture a number of the larger rubber lugs that are on the tires. This gives the tire enhanced elasticity in that particular area...

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Jeep Tires: Adjusting the Pressure

jeep tires

Using larger jeep tires for your vehicle can give your jeep a whole new level of off-road performance. However, it is also important to get the tire pressure right in order to maximize the capabilities of your tires. Here are a few tips in adjusting the tire pressure:

Read the sidewall.

Find the maximum pressure that’s noted on the sidewall of your new Jeep tires. Start with that amount of pressure for street driving. If this results in a poor ride quality or faster wear in the center of your tires, make adjustments by reducing the tire pressure.

Weigh your Jeep.

You can follow the tire pressure guidelines of your tire manufacturer, but your jeep’s weight will have a bigger impact on your tire’s performance...

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The Top 3 Jeep Top Manufacturers

bestop manufacturerThe versatility of Jeeps has been proven since it was introduced in the market.  The need for this vehicle arose during WWII because of the serious need for a more advanced means of transportation from the U.S. Army.  Jeep tops were also manufactured at the same time.

As a Jeep owner, you would want to know the top 3 Jeep top manufacturers, which are as follows:

Bestop.  The famous Jeep top manufacturer, its roots began in Boulder, Colorado.  At that time, it started making small trim for canvas Jeep tops to be used for the war.  To date, Bestop expanded its business by manufacturing soft and hard tops as well as various kinds of accessories for Jeep.  It offers a comprehensive line of the best quality tops...

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What to Expect from Jeep Store

Whenever people come to the Jeep store, they expect quality, style, and reliability. This is especially true when it comes to the automobiles and the accessories that come with them. However, there is more to being an ardent Jeep lover than just purchasing the vehicles. There is paraphernalia that has nothing to do with the function of the vehicle that Jeep patrons can partake in that fuels them with a sense of pride and fun in supporting “their brand.”

In the Jeep store sector of 4 Wheel Drive, for example, there is a multitude of Jeep stuff in all shapes, sizes, and kinds to suit the special interest of Jeep customers. These spurts of enthusiasm can be shown through head gear, T-shirts, drinking mugs, or calendars...

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