halogen bulbs

Why Opt for Halogen Desk Lamp?

Halogen Desk Lamp is the most alternative for the more expensive LED desk lamp. Both are functioned as task lighting, a very important localized lighting that supplies the proper amount of light exactly where it supposed to be for the specific activity such as reading, writing, using a computer, craftwork, cooking, applying makeup, etc. Not as vary as the LED lamps, halogen lamps only have a color temperature of 3000K, […]

large storage bench

Large Storage Bench for Better Sitting and Storage Options

Large storage bench can keep the space neat and tidy as well as give a broader seating feature at home. As an indoor furnishing, the right item not supposes to make the room feel cramped but conversely, can help the room appear larger without any clutter of scattered belongings. The functional furnishing will also provide more room in its hollow construction; hence it will be a great option for another […]

beds with desk underneath

Ergonomic Design of the Space Savvy Bed Desk Combo

Bed desk combo is a space-savvy solution for modern home with tighter room or small apartment. The styles, forms as well as the size available today are also wide range; it can embrace the classic style of bunk beds with simple desk underneath, to a more modern design that can also be modified according to your personal needs and the space requirements. In most cases it can also be just […]

storage chest plans

The Eternal Classic of Storage Chest Bench

Storage chest bench design is about comfort and practicality meets beauty. The chest-style storage benches have a hinged top to create a chest which may be wadded to allocate cushioned double bench and function as an ottoman. The bench with this kind of storage is a perfect option for hiding spare pillows and blankets as well as craft supplies, toys or any easily scattered households. It can be located next […]

treadmill workstation desk

Multi-Functional Treadmill Desk IKEA

Treadmill desk IKEA could be bought from different IKEA stores in the furniture section. This is one of the most innovative breakthroughs especially it would provide you with an exercise space while you would be able to do your work on your laptop in front of you with the desk that is attached to it. Most people when they work, sometime they forget to stop and take time for their […]

wicker storage units

Get the Tropical Atmosphere with Wicker Storage Bench

Wicker storage bench is a light but exotic seating and storage option that can bring the charm of tropical feel to your home instantly. The furniture often features colorfully patterned cushions which able to enhance the casual atmosphere in the room. Wicker or woven furniture is made through the process of weaving utilizing flexible materials such as willow, rattan, sea grass, or bamboo. All these are regarded as a strong […]

hall tree bench with storage

The Usefulness of Hall Tree and Storage Bench

Hall tree and storage bench is a versatile furniture that can provide a space to hoard outwear and other belongings such as keys, bags, shoes and umbrella. It is available in some sort of sizes with mixture of built-in storage choices; from cabinets and shelves to hooks and basket as well as cubby underneath the bench. With this ease of use, the unit grants a practical way to organize sufficient […]